When bad times come, the memories of a great trip are the best medicine to cheer you up. After all, you will always have Paris! These are my memories, my traveltimes.

PS: I also "travel" a lot around my own city (Toronto) and my neighborhood (Scarborough). All pictures were taken by me.

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Union Station BW- Toronto - Canada

(by Patrícia F. Almeida)


Thank you very much Lux Lit!

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Toronto, Canada.
(by Patricia F. Almeida)

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Toronto, Canada
(by Patricia F. Almeida)

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Graslei - Ghent - Belgium
(by Patricia F. Almeida)

Simcoe WaveDeck - Harbourfront - Toronto

(by Patricia F. Almeida)

When I saw all these lines and shadows I thought:

What would Lina (alittletasteofmint)  do?

I am always mesmerized by the beauty and elegance of Lina’s photographs. Give her a shadow, and she produces a masterpiece. Here is my humble attempt to do something inspired by her talent. 

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Flatiron Building - Toronto - Canada
(by Patricia F. Almeida)

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Union Station - Toronto - Black and White

See color picture.

(by Patricia F. Almeida)

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HTO Park - Toronto - Canada
(by Patricia F. Almeida)

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Peek around the corner with this unique view of Bilbao, Spain’s famous Guggenheim Museum in this week’s #natgeotravelpic. Nice photo, mytraveltimes!

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Photograph by Patricia F. Almeida

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

National Geographic Travel rebloged one of my pictures!!!

I mean, for a travel photographer, National Geographic is the bible. I am so honoured and happy!

Thank you National Geographic Travel. 

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Union Station - Toronto, Canada
(by Patricia F. Almeida)

Canada Square, Harbourfront, Toronto, Canada
(by Patricia F. Almeida)

Now that the polar vortex is gone (hopefully), we can enjoy this new public space, an outdoor gallery for photography exhibitions. And how adorable is this family photoshoot?

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It is spring in Toronto!!! Finally!!!!

(by Patrícia F. Almeida)

Landscape Photographers for rebloging my picture. It is the first time I have one of my photographs in your beautiful blog. I am thrilled!

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Saint Jean de Luz - France (2013)

(by Patricia F. Almeida)